Noetyczny rozwój

Basics, the principles and dimensions of development

My name is Renata Muszyńska. For years, I deal with the theory and practice of development of the human soul. Particularly interested in the development of mental and spiritual man. I lead the work in the field of philosophy, psychology and pedagogy. I explore knowledge in the field of personal development and coaching.
I take life as the way to go. I think that this way in part to discovering a part designs. He discovers the heart, designs - with the help of reason. The heart is here "guide" and reason - "niezbędnikiem." Reveals the signs, looking at road signs, she meets pedestrians who tell us how well we're going. Designed their own way of transition: how to cross his path alone, and as the traveling companion, would briskly walk, how to pass it on foot, slowly and reflectively, looking around and taking in every section of the road, and how to spend it with some vehicle, quickly, a lot of touring, meeting a lot of people doing a lot of things and reliving.

I believe that the heart is our hidden treasure, which we extract from the "role", reveal it, and sanded. Understanding the heart, intuition, deep desires manifest themselves in our feelings. Feelings are a reflection of the importance of our steps, a kind of measure of our progress and error, our meetings and partings, effort and rest, ups and downs. There are also a measure of our relationship and the determinant of the distance that we have to behave in relation to other places, we have to take care of them. With feelings "we hear" the voice of our hearts. We know him well through the reactions of our body.

I believe that the development of (theories and techniques) to help along the way. It lies in the fact that broadly see the road, to see her better and deeper, first - to see obstacles that are on it and remove them (self-therapy and psychotherapy), then - to see more resources - practices forward to help move, when we stop on the way and we do not know how to go forward, or if you want to change the way of our journey (coaching). The same sort of help experiencing in their own lives.

The work on the development of moving in three dimensions of life: corporeal (vegetative), sensory (mental) and spiritual (noetic). The development of spiritual treat as "life guide". Regardless of the fact whether we like it or not, whether we believe in the existence of extrasensory world and the supernatural or not, we go to God, and our biological life and psychological subordinated to the spiritual. Spiritual development takes place in us even when we do not realize it. Today, very often we experience it unconsciously, as fostered by the culture of our times.

In the development of the spiritual distinguish, according to the classical approach to this topic, three successive stages: purification, illumination and unification. Perhaps most of us enters this life only a stage of purification, but this does not mean, however, that some kind of union with God on earth is impossible. Particularly acute is for us to stage the so-called. cleaning passive when we are led like blind people who can not see the road, do not know which way to go, and placed our steps only confirm this. This is the time of life concerns and crises, jawiący out of the way of mental disorders, which these crises in its essence is not.

I think that demands a proper discernment. Appropriate assistance in this regard we find in someone who has the same stage already passed. Nevertheless, I believe that without a clean and tidy psychiatric we can grow spiritually stop. Schemes brought from home and life experiences, especially from the period of our childhood, may become a serious obstacle in the way of our growth. I also think that spiritual development entails caring for the body. Disturbances in the functioning of our body because can mask itself as a mental illness, which is not easy to distinguish. Nevertheless, more and more frequently he writes about this. Because of this interdependence of the various dimensions of our lives testify to the need of our multidimensional development, in which spiritual growth is a guide.

For the above reason in his work on personal development guided by two distinctive principles:
1) Crossing the relativism within the meaning of personal development, basing it on the classic anthropology, and so on nature and human nature in its three dimensions: corporeal (vegetative), sensory (mental ) and spiritual (noetic). 2) Thus, cross the psychological dimension of development, specifically the development of multidimensional and paying special attention to the development of the spiritual life and the mission inscribed by God in the human heart.


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